Relocation Business

Good morning! Below are some very important coaching points for your offices on handling relation business and in particular Cartus and USAA.

There are more companies than ever after this business. The listing opportunities are rich and will be growing and we need listings, right? In Cartus the lead rotation is based on maintaining our Platinum status, so it is critical to your agents income that we do so. Please note the following:

High Priority Sheets: Pay attention to High Priority sheets. Review them and if you don’t understand what kind of referral it is, call Jocelyn.

Listing Referrals: On a listing referral, find out when agent appointment is and offer to help in any way (depending on the agent). Ask them to share their BMA with you so you have a better understanding of what is expected. Follow up to see whether they won the listing and if not, why do they think they didn’t get it? Be sure you and they know who did win the listing.

Buyer Referrals: On a buyer referral, especially if it’s corporate or USAA or anything that’s Cartus: Check in with the agent from time to time. Never leave a High Priority sheet unacknowledged.

Cartus Training: Take all the Cartus training whether you are taking referrals or not. It’s the only way to have any idea what is expected of your agents and the Relocation department. You will reimbursed if they don’t take referrals.

Growth: Talent attraction solves all things. Recruit agents who will be happy to work this business, it is a real opportunity for you to reach out to agents, almost no other company offers this type of business source.

Surveys: Real Satisfied surveys cannot go out to Cartus referred buyers and sellers. Please review this with your TMA’s. We get graded on the number of surveys we get back, right now this is a huge issue.


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